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It's All About The Journey....How To Make Your Yard The Envy Of The Neighborhood

Having trouble growing grass or just can't seem to get inspired? Here are some ways to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, as well as living up to your expectations.

Get some Mulch


Sometimes quick and easy is the way to go. If you are having trouble growing grass or your front yard just needs something fresh, try mulch. It's not expensive, does not take a lot of time and brings a different look to the yard. You can then add flowers and bushes to give it something a little extra.

Other "Hardscaping" Options

Hardscaping Hardscaping3 Hardscaping2

If you find plain mulch a little boring - spark it up! Do some contouring with other mediums such as white pebbles, river rocks - let your imagination run wild. You can also get creative with design, have some fun!

Make a Wish!


Having a water fountain either in the front or the backyard can bring a whole new look and can tie your landscaping together. You can get one of these at any of your local hardware or salvage stores like United House Wrecking in Stamford. They can be pricey depending on the size but you can also find deals at outlets or flea markets. Some other decorative ideas include surrounding the fountain with lights so it is really an eye catcher at night.

Light the Way


Lighting is can be both functional and decorative and today, there are so many options! You can find these lights almost anywhere from the internet to high end stores and they can range in price from surprisingly inexpensive to over-the-top. From solar models to hardwired-your choice can really showcase your home in a different light.

On our next journey we will touch on how to make a

backyard your oasis.

It's All About The Journey ... The Do's & Don'ts of Hosting Guests This Summer

Here's a list of some ideas that may be helpful when hosting a summer get together at your home, and things to help make it hassle-free.

Hosting is all about welcoming people! You want to make sure your home is inviting, and fresh , whether you live in a house, condo or apartment. This can be one of the easiest times of year to invite people over and I hope you find these tips helpful.

Let’s Get Things Ready


Do: Make sure your home is clean & ready for your guests’ arrival. You want to welcome them with the same feeling they get when they are on vacation - everything ready and all they have to do is enjoy.

Don’t: Stress about not having enough time. Focus on the areas that will get the most traffic. Close doors to any bedrooms or rooms that are too messy to get done in time.

Cool and Breezy


Do: Make your home comfortable, if it’s a hot day keep the house as cool as possible. Have your air conditioning on or a fan blowing, no one likes to be sticky or feel hot. If you’re hosting outdoors, don’t worry we have a tip for that in our next blog!

Don’t: Overly make yourself crazy, just use what you have - whether it’s central air, fans or open windows it’s ok, you’re not hosting the queen of England and your friends will understand.

Give The House "The Look"


Do: It’s nice to have your home represent the season. Make sure to get some fresh flowers, and if you can decorate with lighter summer curtains and colorful pillows, that's a bonus. Bright or pastel colors can make a space feel light & breezy.

Don’t: Blow your whole budget. Less can be more and sometimes DIY projects are the best. Pinterest and other similar websites can become your new best friend.

Next week we’ll continue with some fresh ideas to liven & lighten up your next get together.

It's All About The Journey ... 30 Mind-Blowing Sceneries That Totally Define Connecticut

Connecticut scenery is arguably some of the best in the United States. From mountains, to rivers, to rolling plains, Connecticut has a little bit of everything. In fact, we are known for having back roads so lush with greenery that you forget you’re on your way to work! See the beauty come to life on screen in these gorgeous photos captured by photographers during their travels through the Constitution State.



1. Mystic River



2. Wadsworth Falls, Middlefield

Patrick Franzis/Flickr

3. Litchfield

Christopher Wisker/Flickr


4. Short Beach, Branford

Michael Levine-Clark/Flickr


5. Fairfield Country Club

Alexander Rabb/Flickr


6. Hartford

ilirjan rrumbullaku/Flickr


7. Farmington River Valley

ilirjan rrumbullaku/Flickr


8. Southport Beach

Alexander Rabb/Flickr


9. Pine Creek

Alexander Rabb/Flickr


10. Indian Well State Park

Trenten Kelley/Flickr


11. Buttonwood Farm, Griswold



12. Old Saybrook



13. Collinsville

Patrick Franzis/Flickr


14. Kent



15. Lighthouse Point

Alexander Rabb/Flickr

16. East Granby

Doug Kerr/Flickr


17. Pine Orchard Pier, Branford




18. Rocky Neck State Park

Jay McAnally/Flickr


19. New Haven

Chris Lewis/Flickr


20. Tod’s Point, Greenwich

Vin Crosbie/Flickr


21. Talcott Village

Jill /Blue Moonbeam Studio


22. Pequonnock River Rail Trail

kenneth casper/Flickr


23. The view from Cobble Mountain



24. Sleeping Giant State Park

Michael Shaheen/Flickr


25. East Rock Park

Jack Says Relax/Flickr


26. Quinnipiac River

Chris Lewis/Flickr


27. Avon



28. Compo Beach, Westport

Matt Hintsa/Flickr


29. West Cornwall Bridge

Jay McAnally/Flickr

30. Hamden

Kyle Garrity/Flickr

Connecticut’s beauty is definitely worth talking about. Is it as pretty as you remember?

It's All About The Journey ... Summer Entertaining - Part 2


Let’s continue on this journey! Here are some additional topics and tips that will help you deliver a fine summer bash.

We’re Taking It Outside!

640px-Dutch_family_bbq food31-300x225 southern-wedding-colorful-drink-station

Do: Having plenty of beverages for everyone is a must. If you have a nice yard or deck, utilize it. You want to make sure everyone has a place to sit and be comfortable - even if you put some blankets on the grass and some people can enjoy the party “picnic styleâ€. BBQing or making your event a pot luck are some good options for a casual party.

Don’t: Go over board. Your place is just the setting. All you need is some good music, food and great people and you’ll have an amazing summer bash.

It’s Getting Late

images outdoor-project-make-hanging-outdoor-lanterns

Do: If you realize that your home is located in a very woodsy area and there isn’t a lot of natural lighting make sure you have that covered. You can get some string lights (battery powered are best) and hang them around the deck or on tiki poles. Solar lighting is also wonderful and will give your home a different as you go from day to evening. This may also give you a reason to invest in a fire pit! I mean who doesn’t love making s’mores and telling ghost stories?

Don’t: Worry if you don’t have tiki poles or string lights – tons of candles, moving the party inside or just calling it a night will all work as well.

Smaller Space?


Do: If you do not have a grand back yard or a spacious inside, no worries. The picture says it all - place some nice plants or flowers on the table, convert your coffee table or smaller side tables into serving tables by clearing them off just for the evening and have some fun summer music playing in the background to set the atmosphere. If you want to make your place look spacious, just move some furniture of decorations in to another room and close the door. Clear some counter space just for the day and have great lighting.

Don’t: Clutter. You want guests to move around freely and be able to get from one area to another with out scooting through a bunch of people.

Last, but far from least. Enjoy yourself and your home! It's the secret to success for all parties and so easy to forget! Your home is your sanctuary and you want your guests to experience the same fabulous feel that you have when you're there!

I hope these tips are helpful whether you just moved into your first place, or you just love to entertain.